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Orion is Loyola University's general purpose Unix computing system. It runs the AIX 7.1 operating system on an IBM p5-520. Orion plays a significant role in Loyola's web infrastructure by hosting personal web pages and serving as access point for those who are responsible for maintaining departmental web pages on Loyola's main web servers. Orion is managed by Loyola's low profile but highly active Systems Maintenance and Administration Resource Team (SMART), which is part of Information Technologies and Services.




See the Information Services ID request page for information on obtaining an Orion account. You can no longer telnet to Please see the news above for additional information.

In an effort to optimize use of Orion's resources -- particularly Orion's limited disk space -- we regularly expire un-maintained accounts. Our goal is to provide Orion's active users with as much personal disk space as possible. Un-maintained accounts, simply, are accounts whose passwords have not been changed within the past four months. At four months we send reminders to accounts with stale passwords. At six months we lock the accounts with passwords that remain unchanged. At this point open a call with the Call Center (contact info below) and we will unlock your account and help you change the password. At nine months, if we have not heard from you, we will archive the account thereby freeing disk space and enabling us to minimize quota restrictions. To have your Orion account deleted contact the Information Services Call Center (contact info below). Note that we do not accept these requests via email accounts out of concerns for security. As a courtesy, students are allowed to retain their Orion accounts for three months following graduation or following non-enrollment in any fall or spring school term.


If you are experiencing problems with Orion or the services on Orion, please contact the Information Services Call Center at The Call Center can also be reached by phone on-campus at extension 44444 or off-campus at 773-508-7190. After placing a call the to Call Center someone from SMART will be contacting you shortly.


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